Sunday, July 05, 2009

The highlights of my parents trip - part 1

My family came to Korea for 10 days to attend my wedding 2 months ago. Yah, I know, two months ago and I'm just getting around to writing about it now. They obviously came because I was getting married but I'd like to think they had fun the other 9 days they were here.

Here are some of the highlights:

Pushing cars out of the way so we can at least leave the parking lot

Getting tested for new glasses, going for dinner at the restaurant under the glasses shop and returning to pick up the new pair less than an hour later, all for under 60 bucks

Ditching the chopsticks for a meal because tongs work that much betterWalking around wearing a money belt/necklace that screams 'tourist' while taking photos at the 'take photo here line'
Perfecting the art of kimchi fingers while waiting to watch the arts Taking photos with all things cute
Again: taking photos with all things cute
Discovering how truly awesome soju and beer tastes (TOGETHER) while sitting on the floor, both legs asleep
Realizing that ham and pineapple pizza really should be called 'chicken and bacon and pineapple and sweet potato and onion and pepperoni is a ham' pizza (oh never mind, only my family will get this)
Pretending to be scared at the DMZ. Come on mom, this was your second time there, you could have at least smirked, like Greg!
Posing for photos in front of a grubby window in Seoul tower while simultaneously holding on to our most valuable possessions
This concludes my families AMAZING TIME IN KOREA part one ;)

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Amanda said...

Ha ha ha! The money belt goes UNDER the clothes. I'm totally cracking up. Props to your dad.

What's this damn surprise you keep going on about?