Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Photo crazy!!

I post a lot of pictures. I'm a visual person. So when I don't have photos to share I don't have anything to say. Usually I choose some photos and then write a post around that. I have checked out my Picasa account and I have exactly 2257 photos (not including videos) on my blog. Crazy hey? So yah, I've reached my limit and I'll have to pay if I want to continue using this blog........Thanks for all the helpful suggestions!

.......Anyways, I've been super busy and haven't been getting home till usually 11pm or later. Tonight I returned before 9, but that's been the exception. I love being busy and wouldn't trade it for anything! However there is a price to pay since I tend to neglect other important things like keeping my house clean so it doesn't smell and packing a lunch for school so I can avoid eating gross cafeteria food . Oppsss, better get on that!

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asiangarden said...

Maybe you could open a "Why am I here part two" and have a link to both blogs...I mis your posts! ;)