Monday, June 29, 2009


I miss blogging. I have noticed that since I'm still in limbo with my blog I'm taking less and less pictures everyday -- which is too bad because a) I just bought a new $1000 camera b) I'm doing something everyday after work so there's so much to write about.

I'm crazy busy here. Between meeting friends, working full time, going to the gym and having something scheduled every.single.weekend, I don't have time to breath. It's good for now. I like the craziness. However I definately am looking forward to the summer break. This coming weekend is my friends wedding somewhere out of town and then next weekend is MUD FESTIVAL. I'm really looking forward to both. I'll be finished work on the 17th of July and then I'll be on vacation for a good 6 weeks before I hit the ground running again. Got a lot of stuff planned for the summer.......including a few surprises! Hope everyone is enjoying the sun.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Photo crazy!!

I post a lot of pictures. I'm a visual person. So when I don't have photos to share I don't have anything to say. Usually I choose some photos and then write a post around that. I have checked out my Picasa account and I have exactly 2257 photos (not including videos) on my blog. Crazy hey? So yah, I've reached my limit and I'll have to pay if I want to continue using this blog........Thanks for all the helpful suggestions!

.......Anyways, I've been super busy and haven't been getting home till usually 11pm or later. Tonight I returned before 9, but that's been the exception. I love being busy and wouldn't trade it for anything! However there is a price to pay since I tend to neglect other important things like keeping my house clean so it doesn't smell and packing a lunch for school so I can avoid eating gross cafeteria food . Oppsss, better get on that!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Well my friends..........

I'm back! I even wrote a little self-reminder to make a blog post today, as it marked my two weeks away.....heheh.

Anyways, it appears the blogging world is against me. In fact, that last post about my wedding was the last post in which I am allowed to upload anymore videos or photos.


Apparently blogger has teamed up with Picasa photo album which has a 1GB photo storage limit. Any photos uploaded to blogger are immediately uploaded to a Picasa photo album. I did some more digging and found my Picasa site. I figured I'd just delete the photos off that site which would automatically free up some space. That was until I came across this: "Be careful when you delete photos though, because deletions will affect both your blog and its album".


Now if I want to continue this blog (aka. add more photos) then I have to upgrade my storage space at this rate:

10GB - $20US/yr
40GB - $75/yr
150GB - $250/yr
400GB - $500/yr

A YEAR? HUH? Okay so I know 10GB would be enough. But what does $20 a year mean? SERIOUSLY! A sign to stop blogging perhaps?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Traditional Korean Wedding, May 2nd, 2009!!!

The groom enters the ceremony hall. His attendant follow behind holding a wild goose. Wild geese are used as they are always faithful to their first love and will never find another even when their loved one is lost. They represent innocent and good relations between couples. Upon reaching the bride's house, the attendant gives the wild goose to the groom. The groom places the wild goose in the hands of his future father-in-law who then places it upon a small table. After bowing twice to his future mother-in-law, she takes the wild goose into the house and brings out her daughter. The bride enters in a cart. This would mark the first time the bride and groom saw each other.
The groom walks to the East side of the wedding table and the bride walks to the West.
The bride and groom then face each other across the wedding table. The brides mother lights the blue candle and the groom's mother lights the red candle, representing the elements of yin and yang.
The two mothers then bow to the guests.
Next, the helpers wash the hands of the bride and groom. In Korea, it is traditional etiquette to wash one's hands before all rites in order to prepare the mind.The groom should turn his head away.
Facing each other the bride bows twice to the groom. In the past, this moment would have signified their first encounter together. The groom bows once in acknowledgement of the bride's bows.
The bride bows twice again.This symbolizes the bride's acceptance of the groom as her husband. The groom bows once again in acknowledgement This symbolizes the groom's acceptance of the bride as his wife. After the bowing is complete, the bride and groom take their seats The helpers pour the alcohol and prepare the side dishes. The cups are raised to honour the heavens.
The bride pours the alcohol into the empty bowl to honour the earth.
The bride and groom hold up their cups to each other. At this point the couple makes their marriage vows and promises to keep these forever by drinking alcohol together. They promise each other they will love forever.
Next the couple drinks from the gourd. The cups are made from a small gourd, cut into half. There are two variations of this due to regional differences. Alcohol can either be shared from the same cup, or from two cups made from a single gourd, cut into two. This symbolizes two becoming one, since once you cut a gourd in half, it can never be paired with another one. At this point the couple becomes husband and wife.
The newly wed couple stands and faces the alter. The bride and groom then bow with the parents to the guests.