Friday, April 17, 2009

My dear friend Charlie..........

Charlie was one of my first Korean friends. The number of times we met could be counted on two hands. Regardless, he is just one of those people that you can't forget. Our talks, always so deep and passionate -- straight from the heart.

I met Charlie my first year in Korea, about a week after I met Sung Hyun, when all things in Korea were still new and fresh to me. I haven't had the opportunity to meet Charlie for the past 2 years since he's away doing his mandatory military service. A lot of time has passed since then. I think about him though -- where he is in his life, how much has changed since we met last.

I hope our paths cross again!!!

Charlie if you're reading this..............I MISS YOU ;)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful song !! Great artist !!
Amazing violinist !!

I hope I get a chance to meet him..maybe at your wedding.

Momma Bear