Saturday, April 04, 2009

More of Kenda's adventures

On Wednesday Kenda joined me in my classroom to see exactly what I do. She used to teach back in Canada and tells me that I've got it pretty easy over here. Korean kids are well disciplined!!!

My grade 5 class loved asking Kenda a million and one questions. Including what she though of me. Thankfully I stepped out of the room at that time....hehe
Then for $50 she got her eyes checked and walked out with a new set of specs......NICEUH 찜닭 for lunch (non spicy version)
A trip to Canada in Korea. I had to pick up my new shiny passport
Then we went to Dongdaemoon for some more shoppingTarot card reading is really big in Korea
Then we hit up the fabric shops for a good couple of hours and left with a headache
I want a work suit made of this stuff
She was really happy and found a lot of goodies tucked away
Rows upon rows upon rows of fabric. It was like a fabric maze.
And this is how it's carried
TA-DAA wonderful meal for two exhausted people at one of my favorite Western chains in Korea

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Shells Bells said...

Your friend is right..teaching Canadian kids is an entirely different experience. I miss my Korean kids sooooooooooo much sometimes!