Friday, April 03, 2009

Kenda's adventures in Korea

Kenda and I took a lot of pictures. Probably about a thousand. EACH. So it's quite a tedious task to look through them all and pick just a few to post. Here are some things we did on the first day.
I took Kenda to Insadong -- a very traditional part of Korea. This is the sign of a Starbucks coffee shop. I've been told it's the only Starbucks sign NOT written in English in the entire world.
And of course there are always interesting things to do and see in Korea. Let's say a shit stand for instance....hehe. Here I am holding some doo doo. I was interested to see that they sold sweet bread in the shape of shit. Oh Korea!!!
Kenda loved the characters
Some funky mirrors
I heart you
Dried fish of all sorts. Usually sliced up and served with butter or cooked over an open flame
One things that Kenda (and my mother when she visited me last) just couldn't get over was the various smells that wafted through out the city. These silkworms have a very strange smell and I'm sure any person who has lived in Korea can probably recall this smell simply by looking at this picture.
Some traditional clothing and snacks
Kenda's first Korean meal. Dumplings and pork with rice.
This is the type of food that I will have at my wedding ceremony......It's going to be interestingWOW, this one speaks for itself

After a morning walk through Insadong we hit up one of the palaces. I have only ever been to one other with my mother. I would strongly recommend checking out Changdeokgung Palace. You are not able to walk around freely but are required to take a guided tour. To get to this palace go to Anguk station exit 3 and walk a block. You will see this palace on your left side. The guided tours are conducted in English and are only 3000W. This palace is closed on Mondays. It's pretty sweet so check it out if you get the chance.

The palace is beautiful but the history behind these hidden door is fascinating
In the evening we went shopping!!!
More street food
street fashion
Kenda being a goof
The coolest little toy store in Korea
Post-it notes ice cream cafe
subway ads


wevegotseoul said...

OMG that eggplant is so adjshi! They did an excellent job with that advert. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing all the pictures of Kenda's Korea adventure!! I have to recommend you go to that palace in the summer, it is more beautiful with everything green! As for the bundagi YUCK! My husband still eats those when he drinks soju! Ewwww! Gotta love it when he crunches into a already formed one! Have fun!
Cindy (Samuel, Madalyn, Rachel)