Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lazy Saturday with Annie and Kenda

Every so often you need one of those days where you do nothing. Well Saturday we accomplished just that. In Korea, McDonalds delivers for free (or maybe it's something like 50 cents) so that's perfect after a night of drinking.

Who wouldn't run away if you saw this creepy foreigner on the subway!!! * * *

Saturday we took Kenda for some samgyupsal. Basically it's just thick strips of bacon. I love cooked Kimchi -- it's my favorite part ;)

Stuff the lettuce with some meat, rice, garlic and kimchi and you've got yourself a little meat sandwich One of the meals that Kenda didn't find spicy
Kenda's chocolate umbrella
cute socks
Confused Homer

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asiangarden said...

What a fun time~ I am getting hungry reading these posts! lol about "concerned reader" hey have the fun for me is reading about all the different foods you try! I myself am also a "foodie"