Sunday, March 15, 2009

White Day

I completely forgot about White Day and so did Sung Hyun. It's exactly one month after Valentine's Day. Typically Korean men are suposed to buy candy for their sweet hearts.

White Day this year was on a Saturday and after a busy day of Hanbok shopping (see last post) I suggested to Sung Hyun that he could take me to Outback for a nice dinner. But unfortunately Sung Hyun's sisters husbands father passed away so there was family business to attend to. Even though I was sick (I've got bronchitis, yuck!) and wanted nothing more then to just have nice dinner and a relaxing evening, I knew that I had to put my needs on the back burner. Because at times like these family is more important. So we packed our over night bags, drove 3 hours and finally arrived at his sisters house after 10 p.m.

And when I got there I was really shocked to see this hanging on the wall:


kangmi said...

As the kids say: Dude.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehhehehe!! Sorry, I am sitting here laughing my butt off!! That is too funny! Word or warning... If you have a baby boy, everyone will want to see his 'go-chu'.
Cindy (Samuel, Madalyn, Rachel)

Marie said...

Hahahaha!! That is too funny!! Would they have done a girl's vagina as well??? Poor kid, he won't ever want to bring friends or GF's over EVER!!

Marie said...

Oh, and I hope you feel better soon hon!!

Lindsay said...

Is that what I think that is? Explain, why???

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

... and they wonder why the suicide rate is so high in this country?! Like come on folks... how brutal is going to be when that kid gets older and sees his bronzed "secret part" on the wall for all his buddies to laugh at?!
... hahaha.
In all serious though, that's disturbing. There's too much emphasis on the penis here. Why don't they go bronzing the girls' "ying-yangs"?!

Foreigner Joy said...

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