Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wall art

I have been eating Indian food at the same little joint for the past couple of years here in Korea. I eat there so often (twice a month) that the owner and me are on first name basis; we've even exchanged phone numbers. I love the table clothes they have so I asked for one. The owner told me they won't do special orders since everyone will start wanting them. I guess several people have the same request as me. The next time I went in (aka the following week) he said he'd pick me up some when he made the trip back home to Nepal (which is where they are from). So about a month later he came back with two for me to choose from. I took them both since I figure I'll never be able to get my hands on something like this again. I paid for them and gave him a tip since I thought that was a nice gesture. I've hung one on my wall -- as you can imagine it was too big for my table.


Annie-Me said...

wow hun...that's pretty awesome. Its really gorgeous too!

Wandering Ju said...

It's stunning. You're got a nice taste!

Anonymous said...

Just curious where do you plan on living after getting married? Will you be taking all this stuff with you?