Sunday, March 29, 2009

Taste testing Korean snacks

Just wanted to say thanks for all the comments everyone!!! I've been pretty busy so I haven't had time to respond but I'm still thinking about you.

Below is a video post that Kenda and I did about taste testing different Korean snacks. I'm too lazy to edit it so I'm putting it up as is. It's pretty long and probably won't be entertaining unless you are my parents or hers. But if you choose to watch one I would suggest watching the fouth one down:


Melly Coco said...

I watched all your videos, I've only reconized a few korean snacks that my friend sent me. The Kernal corn was okay, I didn't like it too much. The Sweet and Delish were good but I found them too oily hehe.
I want to try the shrimp chips, even though you don't recommend it hehe. The shrimp chips my friend sent me were circular, white, and puffy. I want to try the country corn rib steak too.
I love korean food, watching your videos make me want them!! but it's so hard to find most of them where I live. Keep posting, I enjoy reading your blog; Thank you !!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Come on, Jen! Ddeok is rice cake. You know that! :P

Concerned Reader said...

You commented that you are too lazy to edit your videos but you never seem to lazy to trek around Korea looking for every and anything to snack on.
Come on girl.
Use your energy for good.
Hit the gym not the chocolate.
After watching those videos I felt so embarrased for YOU.
If you put half the effort into staying healthy you wouldn't be half the size you are now.
I know it's mean of me to say but truth hurts sometimes.

Why am I here??? said...

Hey thanks Melly. Cool blog too btw!!!

Yes I know Ddeok is rice cake but not sure if my parents would understand that.

Marie said...

I extremely enjoyed watching your video posts! Its fun to see what the different snacks are compared to what we like here in Canada....although, I don't think I would have tried some of the snacks though just because they sound nasty!! Eh, who am I kidding, I would have. But that pine drink? Seriously nasty sounding...ugh. I have had shrimp crackers here, although I am not sure they are the same thing - you can buy them at Superstore in a red bag.

And I think Concerned Reader is a coward. At least own up to who you are if you are so concerned for her health.