Sunday, March 15, 2009

Living in a postcard -- Day 8 in Boracay

This was our last full day in Boracay. Were were sad to leave such a beautiful place, but anxious to get back to Korea too. I'll leave you with some more wonderful photos of the water and a little tasty surprise at the end. Enjoy!
And then we decided to go out with a bang........
.......and eat our little tasty Filipino snack. This ain't no ordinary boiled egg.
WARNING: This is nasty. Annie did a good job here eating the whole thing but I could only stomach a few bites. She was a lot braver than me. This is a Filipino delicacy called Ballot. It's a partially hatched duckling. It's NASTY!!!! Just watch......


Shelley said...

OMG! That was really hard to stomach!! She is one brave girl!

asiangarden said...

I just knew you were going to say you ate ballot! lol gj eats those too1 gross! I 'll eat chicken feet and durian, but never ballot! ;0

Chyng said...

Hi Ms.Jennipal,

Im planning to bring my parents to Boracay, and Im considering Club Ten.

Please give me more feedbacks pls.
Is the place crowded? Are the rooms clean? How about the food?

Thank you!

Chyng said...

BTW, I browsed your whole Boracay Trip, I really enjoyed how you blog, and Im glad that you enjoyed this place! :D