Monday, March 09, 2009

Living in a postcard -- Day 6 in Boracay

This morning came too soon. We had a early morning wake up call so we could watch the sunrise while horseback riding!!!! Riding a horse in the dark is scary. Riding a horse, period, is scary.
My hat looks exceptionally large
After the hour ride I was pretty sore. I was probably so tense squeezing my thighs together so I wouldn't fall off.
Look dad, they have a Rotary Club here, why don't you come to one of their meetings?
School girls off to study
Young boys off to work.
And we were ready to hit the sack for a few more hours of rest
Then later in the afternoon we did a lot of walking
Watched another beautiful sunset
Then went to the hospital to get Annie some medicine for her sore throat


Annie-Me said...

my boobs look like they are about to fall outa that dress......ugh

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