Sunday, March 08, 2009

Living in a postcard -- Day 3 in Boracay

The third day I spent the morning on the beach by myself. So I snapped some more pictures of the beautiful view. Are these photos starting to look repetitious? They're so beautiful though......

Annie joined me in the afternoon for some sailing, snorkeling and a trip to the caves

On the sailboat
A pretty cool experience except for the wire mesh cutting into my skin
Our driver
Heading past some islands
Checking out the other sailboats
It's all fun and games until Annie almost pukes and I cut my foot on the corals.......ouch!
I had to do it!!
The scary staircase to enter into Crystal Cave
It was too rough to swim
So we just took bad pictures instead
On the cave island
We were exhausted from the sailboat ride so we went to bed before 9!!!

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Annie-Me said...

phft....bad pictures....I think I remember telling you that since the sun was behind you, the picture wouldn't turn out......(sticking my tongue out at you).