Saturday, March 07, 2009

Living in a postcard -- Day 2 in Boracay

First thing to do today was to check out of our shitty accommodations and move somewhere better. We left FRENDZ resort extremely unhappy and wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, despite to good internet reviews.
Then we made our way closer to the beach and found a really cute place for us to stay with wonderful staff. For the remainder of our vacation we stayed here at THE CLUB TEN. More on this place later........Of course we spent the durations of the day doing beachy things.
Taking pictures of these palm trees never gets old.
Annie doing some shopping. She loves shopping and had a whole lot more money than me to spend
Of course the further you move any from the beach front the more you see what life is like for Filipino people. These boys are playing a game with tires
Red Thai curry for lunch.......yummy!!
Then some swimming ;)
Two for one cocktails!!!!!
Watching the sunset while eating dinner
Doesn't get any more beautiful then this. I loved watching the sunset. So magical and something I don't get to do in Korea
While walking home for the night, we ran into this crazy Korean man, who wanted to drink with us.
But then we found these Korean cuties who were closer to our age. We had a few beers, did some dancing and brought on our silly Korean poses!!!
We HEART Korea
Fun times with Korean cuties ;) in Boracay!!!!

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