Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kenda's adventures in Korea

Kenda's still sleeping so I thought I'd take this opportunity to write a bit about her first day in Korea. I love playing tourist and taking her around the city because it reminds me of all the fascinating things I thought were so cool about Korea when I first got here. It's a refreshing view of a things that have become so commonplace to me.
I picked Kenda up at the airport with some fresh spring flowers and a cool colourful sign that I made her. She didn't sleep at all on the plane ride over, so I knew my Saturday night plans would turn into a quite relaxing night at home.
I had prepared some chicken and potatoes since I wasn't sure what she would be eating on the plane. It's always nice to come home to a home cooked meal so that is what I did!!!

This reads "Welcome to Korea Kenda".....but you probably could have guessed that!

Judy and Sung Hyun share some raw fish and we stick to our bacon cheesy chicken!!

And this is a bag completely for me ;) Whooohoooo to Western goodies!

On the walk to my house Kenda felt a little sick to her stomach. The bus ride to my place was full of stops and starts which I've just become accustomed to. Then the walk through the stinky fish market to my house didn't do her so well either. Thankfully after a shower and some good eats she was feeling better ;)


chyng said...

hi, thanks for giving me that offer.
i'll email you tomorrow. (--,)

Shells Bells said...

chip dip and icing?? lucky girl :)

Sunny said...

Aw, brings back memories of my first few hours in Korea, even though it was about 35 years ago. I was all wide-eyed and wondering.
PS congrats on the upcoming nuptials.

asiangarden said...

lol, jello pudding and
I hope your friend has fun! I would LOVE to go to Korea sometime, and I think I would thoroughly enjoy raw fish and a stinky fish market! Just no dog stew please! ;)