Saturday, March 07, 2009

Going to Boracay?

I have just the place for you if you plan on heading to Boracay.
Check out The Club Ten!!!!!
I promised the boys at this resort I'd write something about my experience staying here. And I'm doing this because I think we couldn't have found any other friendlier people on the island. They were so accommodating to us and really wanted us to enjoy our experience.
Special services that the provided to us:
* free use of the kitchen
* cut our mangoes everyday
* set up a DVD player in our room with the newest Hollywood films
* club discounts on excursions
* bandaged my foot after I scraped it on some coral
* gave us free fruit
............and so much more!!!

If I ever go back to Boracay then I'm staying here with my two favorite Filipino men on the island. Thanks Chase and Sir Robert for making my experience in Boracay so amazing!!!

If you are interested in booking with The Club Ten then email me ( and I'll put you in contact with the manager.

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