Monday, March 02, 2009

First view

Our first few hours in Boracay were brutal. Our tickets were for the airport on the other side of the island which resulted in a extra hour ride through a curvy road in an overly cold air con pumped van. We got to the other airport, paid some terminal fees, found our guide, rode a 15 minute boat and checked into our hotel. Our hotel was shit. We booked 8 nights online at a place called FRIENDZ resort. My recommendation to anyone who reads this site and plans a trip to Boracay, Philippines is to avoid this place. Our room was expensive and didn't include air con like we had thought. Additionally there was a rooster right outside our door which crowed steadily from 3-6 am. We were a little flustered and tired, and sweaty. Annie said this on the walk to the beach (and I quote) "This better all be worth it!"

Then we saw this:

And it didn't matter what problems we had before. We both stood there just looking out at the beach front for a good 2 minutes before we said anything. HALLELUJAH was resonating in my mind. We had found paradise!!!!!!!!!!

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Kuri said...

lol, rooster crowing. that sounds like my home back in the states. whoever said that roosters only crow at dawn lied. they crow 24/7. i finally got peaceful sleep when i came to korea=^^=
glad you had a good time! look forward to more pics