Friday, February 06, 2009


NO! NO! NO! Don't do like everyone else in the world and wish your life away. We ALL wish we were a day, week, month or years down the road and then we sort of wish it for our children. At the baby stage we wish they could talk and tell us what's wrong; we wish they could walk; we wish they were in school; we wish they were in university; we wish they were happily married; we wish we had grandchildren. Any and all of those situations would be cool but we become impatient for the next one. You will find, as I have, that life is very short.

Before you know it you will be married and then back in Saskatchewan, both of you working and doing the daily things. However, between now and then and ever after you have a lot of living and good times to create and enjoy. So, enjoy this wonderful ride you are on called life because before you know it you will be giving the same advice to some young person.

Isn't that the truth? What a wonderful way to start the day by reading an email like that. Instead of wishing away my cold I'm going to embrace the moment, snotty Kleenexes and all. Today is about sharing in the moment and taking the simple pleasures out of life.

Thanks (you know who you are)

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