Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

With no real plans or expectations for this day we set out for a quick walk to one of the coolest neighbourhoods by my house. And we stumbled upon a really funky wine bar with a totally romantic atmosphere. This is where the fun began -- Valentine's Date Round 1

1 bottle of wine, 1 side dish = $43

Valentine's Date Round #2
...but first a quick stop for ice cream = $1
A funky Japanese bar

Mango soju, hot pot = $22


A quick stop at home to take out the laundry then off to Valentine's Date Round #3

A beer and 12 plates of sushi = $12
Valentine's Date Round#4
BR icecream = $5
Valentine's Date Round #5......
.......cancel the movie tickets we bought earlier, because we were beat!
Total date cost = $83!!! Pretty good considering all the places we went ;) and how much fun we had

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Shells Bells said...

That mango soju looked awesome! As did all the other yummies you guys had! Happy V day :)