Friday, February 06, 2009

Missing mom's chicken noodle soup

I'm sick. It's a Friday and I barely made it to work today. We simply had to supervise the kids today b/c the majority of the classes were on a school ski trip. So for two classes I put in a movie and I barely made it through just sitting there. After the class was over I made a b-line to the nurses office to get some rest (yes there's a bed there). I couldn't sleep b/c my throat ached so much.

While in the nurses office I heard her say in Korean that she was cold. I asked why she didn't turn on the heater for a while until the room warmed up. She said that she heard that the blowing heat was bad for her skin. Yes it's true that the Koreans heating system comes in the form of floor heating, but seriously how could blowing air be bad for skin*. If only she knew that's how we heat our houses in Canada.

Then as I was saying good bye for the day one of the Korean teachers, who could obviously tell I was sick, suggested I go to the hospital. Lady I've got a cold, nothing that rest, water and time can't heal.

So that's what I'll do. Cancel all my fun weekend plans so I can mope around the house feeling sorry for myself. What I'd give for some loving care from my mom at a moment like this.

*is there something I'm missing?


Amanda said...

Space heaters and heaters that blow air completely make my skin dry out in the winter. That could be what she means. Those radiating heaters are wonderful though.

Sunny said...

I hope you get better soon.

db said...

Hope you feel better soon! And I was surprised that everyone here rushed off to the "hospital" at the first sniffle, but here, that's what they call the doctor's office. I thought Kenny was really sick because he told me he went to the hospital close to my house and when I got home, he was just congested! So, anyway, perhaps your coworker was just suggesting you go to the doctor! Not the hospital! Hehe.