Monday, February 09, 2009

It's why I love you....

Sung Hyun sat at the computer for a good hour singing Korean songs on Sunday night. I finally got a bit on video.........but I warn you!!!!

A text message from Sung Hyun Monday while at work:
"I will cooking tonight 4 u"
And then I came home to this:

사랑해.......I love you cut outs from a cucumber. I'm one lucky gal I tell ya!


Professor Amy-Michelle said...

There's nothing more I can say but that's oh so super sweet, super romantic. That guy flat out adores the socks off ya Jennifer!!!

Marie said...

So cute!! Both the terrible singing (sorry Sung Hyun!) and the cucumber cutouts!

asiangarden said...

LOL awww! I know I have heard that song before from my dramas....something