Sunday, February 08, 2009

Isn't it lovely!!!

Korea is nice!!! Can you spot the moon in the distance? I'm so lucky to have been brave enough to experience this adventure abroad. I came here broken hearted (literally just got dumped 10 days prior to departure from my bf of 4 years), planned to stay for only a year, but fell in love and eventually will leave with a husband. WOW!!!! Crazy if you really think about it.
I've been in this foreign country and have called it home for the last 3 years. But even though I have put down some roots here and met amazing people, whom I would call dear friends, still part of my heart is in Canada. Canada is my home and will forever be. I am just blessed to have such an amazing family. That's why I want to go back, I just miss them too much. My trip back to Canada solidified those feelings and both Sung Hyun and myself didn't want to board the plane back to Korea.
But of course there is business to attend to. I'm not finished my contract and in fact I have decided to stay for another year yet. There are so many things for Sung Hyun and I do to to prepare for our future in Canada: save up some more money, study English, get married, start the immigration paperwork and wait!!! Those things will surely keep us busy for at least a year. And as much as I may be ready to leave now, I know that's not the smart thing to do. And I'm still not at that 'I hate Korea, must leave now!' point. But if I ever reach that point I hope that departure from this second home would be just around the corner. Actually I hope I never reach that point. Meanwhile, I'll buckle down for another year and keep my spirits high. Because there are still places to go and new people to meet. And because I should never wish away the gift of today.
Things to look forward to in the next few months:
* a trip to Boracay, Philippines
* a visit from a friend
* my parent's (and brothers) arrival
* my uniquely traditional Korean wedding
* studio wedding photos
So as you can see I've got a full plate!!!!


Diana said...

lots of stuff over the next year. where are you going on your honeymoon? are you going to take the year to improve your korean? i look forward to reading more about it.

sorry we missed each friday. glad you're a little better...

Amanda said...

You want a honeymoon baby??

What language are you guys going to speak with your kids, if you have them?

Why am I here??? said...

Hey Diana, I'm glad you didn't totally injure yourself on Sunday. We are thinking of Bali for our honeymoon but we're up for suggestions. I'm feeling a little better now. I hope you have fun in Vietnam.......actually I know you'll have fun there ;) My Korean stinks simply b/c I haven't put in the effort this past year. Probably not going to happen now....but who knows!!

Oppppssss. Yah no kid making on the honeymoon that's for sure. We'll have kids when we return to Canada. And we'll speak Korean and English ;) to them

asiangarden said...

Seriusly ENJOY your time in Korea, who gets to say they lived in a forein country for 4 years? Not too many! And I am sure your children will really find it cool how you met their father. I wish I would have gotten to live in China, or Korea would have been really great as well! I guess now I have to wait until retirement!
Enjoy your freedom while it lasts, once you lay down roots and have kids it's not as easy.

Anonymous said...

What about Singapore as a honeymoon destination?

Beloved said...

I guess this answers the question I just sent you a message about on FB. That's pretty much exactly how I felt when I lived in Korea. I missed my parents and sisters and wanted to be near them. Unfortunately, I don't like this area (too cold and god-forsakingly boring) and my husband is at that "I hate the U.S.! Must leave now" stage. As I mentioned in my message, I'm considering moving back to Korea. The things that really appeal to me there:

*happy hubby
*not having to deal with EVERYTHING myself
*a sweet, sweet job

We'll see...