Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 random things about MOI

This survey seems to be floating around FACEBOOK .

1. I get bored easily. This leads to things like spending a couple hours every month re-arranging furniture in my apartment, always changing my mind, and perhaps 2 attempts to finish this survey.

2. I don’t like to waste time doing my make-up or hair, that’s why you’ll see me o’natural most of the time.

3. I am a procrastinator. Which made for some pretty stressful times at university, but I work better under pressure.

4. I’m kinda afraid of computers. Even though I have a blog and am always on Facebook I still don’t know how to do basic things like burn CD’s. Spreadsheets and excel programs are not in my vocabulary.

5. I haven’t bought a CD in forever........although I enjoy listening to music, I don’t have any saved on my computer and I’d rather be in my own thoughts.

6. I joined the NAVAL RESERVE (yes we have one in Saskatchewan) as a cook in grade 11 and continued in it for 6 years after that. Although I got to see a lot of Canada I never did make it on a ship. Well I don’t really count the 4 days we were supposed to sail to Seattle, but couldn't because the ship was broken. I really just wanted to learn how to cook anyways.

7. I have a good memory when recalling the littlest details in events that happened long ago. Like what shirt I was wearing or how I was feeling when such and such even happened.

8. I get don’t like when people are late and make me wait. It bothers me so much it makes me sick to my stomach -- especially if I’m the one late. I hate the idea that I am wasting someones time. I always leave 10 minutes earlier than I should.

9. I didn’t pay a cent for university. My hard work in high school paid off and I was rewarding with a full 4 year scholarship. I had to pay for my books (which were expensive) but the Navy covered that.

10. I hate reading

11. I always buy organizers and calendars and then NEVER WRITE IN THEM. I’m pretty unorganized.

12. I got my nipple pierced one random day with two other boys while walking down a street in Halifax on my firefighting and flood control military course. It hurt!!

13. I am a good listener and don’t believe in doing other things while trying to carry on a conversation (even on the phone). If you’re talking to me I’ll give you my 100% undivided attention because I want the same in return.

14. My mom is my best friend

15. Pizza is my favourite food. I would eat it for every meal everyday of the week.

16. I will stand up and fight for what I believe in, even when I may get in trouble.

17. I set daily goals that I know I can never reach. Like get up at 6 am RUN a marathon, study for 6 hours straight, cook dinner for my friends, volunteer for 2 hours.....all in one day for example. I write them on little post-it notes and then never follow them.

18. I’m stubborn.

19. It took me until this year, after as few incidents with some coworkers, to learn that people need to earn my friendship. I’m always the ‘give them the benefit of the doubt or the second chance’ kinda gal, but not anymore. I’ve learned that I’d rather be alone then surrounded by false friends who don’t have your back. And likewise, all those whom I consider my friends are ultimately true friends. I'm just like my grandma B.

20. I’m a a fault. If I do something I give it my 100% or nothing at all. Like when I try to eat healthy (read: diet) and I eat a chocolate bar then I haven’t give it 100% so I might as well eat some pizza for supper and then try again the next morning. When I fall off the wagon, I hit the ground pretty hard!

21. When I met my boyfriend (now fiance) he didn’t speak any English. Our first date went a little something like this: “Do you have any brothers?” Answer: “YES”“Do you have any sisters?” Answer: “YES”“How many brother and sister do you have?” Answer: “YES”It was then that I realized he doesn’t have a f-ing clue what I’m saying!!!!

22. Because of #21 I have learned how to be more patient.

23. I love reading about people lives. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I love reading blogs. I got in trouble in school for always checking on other people instead of sitting and doing my homework during class time. As a result, I always had homework because I never did any in my free time.

24. I eat bugs. When I was little I would catch them in jars, shake them till they died and then rip them apart into sections, and eat them. Also included in this list are flowers and rocks, but grasshoppers were my favourite. Two years ago I ate a grasshopper in Thailand and this year I ate silkworms and live octopus in Korea. I have yet to try dog. I’m waiting until my parents come to Korea so I can surprise them with mystery meat and then tell them after dinner that we’ve just feasted on a little Benji…….haha joking mom ;)

25. I wear my heart on my sleeve and cry when I get upset!!!



Wandering Ju said...

Jennifer, you sound like a really nice girl that I knew you were from reading your blog entries. It's so true about friendships being earned. I used to give everyone benefit of the doubt too, but I'm noticing that some people just don't deserve it. Sad, huh?
Congrats on your engagement to Sunghyun!!

Random blog surfer said...

Kudos on #2! It's all about the natural beauty. Plus you wouldn't wanna know where the ingredients for the make-ups come from.

Many are on the same page as you on #10

#16 So was Bob Marley

#23 Reason Im here ;P

#24 You're brave

asiangarden said...

I can soooooo relate on #21, I hope when you all move to CA he will do better than Gi Jye, sometimes it really sucks not being able to really really talk. Of course I love him to death, but you know it would be nice!
#2 I walk around looking really scary most of the

asiangarden said...

oh...i forgot #12? what the?

Why am I here??? said...

Awww thanks Wandering Ju -- so nice of you!!! And yes I agree with you about the friendship thing.

Hello Random blog you have a page that I can surf. I'd love to add another one to my list...hehe

Asiangarden, it's hard isn't it....the interracial couple deal. But at the same time things never get boring and you're always learning ;)

#12 yup, stupid foolish idea!!

Jeffrey Weiss said...

You've been selected as having one of the Best Random Things on the Web on your list. No kidding.

Come to to see your Thing and many others.

Thingmeister Jeffrey

Why am I here??? said...

Sweet thanks Jeffrey!!!