Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wii like to eat ice cream

Hanging out with Kristin is always fun because I know that it involves eating ice cream. We were both excellent procrastinators throughout our university life so it's not surprising that we would choose a quick stroll to DQ for a sweet treat over hitting the books. Now it has become quite the tradition that we go for blizzards when we meet up to reminisce about the past.

Kristin couldn't be bothered to pose for a picture. Eating her blizzard was clearly far more important!!! Sung Hyun thought we were crazy for eating ice cream............. in this kind of weatherWe had to work off the calories some how..............Wii fit here we come!!
My first Wii experienceSung Hyun doing yoga
A little round of boxing leaves them both exhausted....hehe!!!

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