Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vancouver Part 2

Then next (and last) day in Vancouver was just as fun as the first. We started with a little visit through China town.These dried fish reminded me of street vendors in Korea Not sure what this game is called but I suspect that it's what asiangardens hubby plays. Am I right?
Sung Hyun gets hungry again and decides it's time for some Korea food since he hasn't eaten it in nearly a month. This was a reasonably priced meal for $6. In Korea you could buy it for $3.50
A nifty looking Safeway in downtown Vancouver
A little walk through Stanley Park and it's not long until we find the aquarium
And we kept going until we found the totem poles
Cafe Crepe
Kenda enjoys her Robson Street treat
Display in the window
Candy apples that look too good to eat
Never expected to find an ice cream vending machine in the movie theater
Our last Canadian snack shared by all
A quick trip to the store to pick up some last minute Canadian goodies before heading to Korea
A happy Sung Hyun!!!!!

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asiangarden said...

Fries cheese and isn't that more of a french canadian thing? I'm saying this because my Grandparents are French Canadian, that and pork pie.
I can';t tell if those old guys are playing mah jong or not...were there four players?
My inlaws playt another game with two players, maybe kind of like "go stop" lol(only seen by me on K-dramas)
I want to go there I need some culture! lol and good food!