Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vancouver Day 1

It was hard to leave home this time. This was the first time that I cried since my many trips back and forth to Korea. This time was different because I felt like I had everything I needed in Canada, there was nothing to go back to Korea for. On the way back to Seoul we spent two days with my friend Kenda checking out her side of the world.

Sung Hyun rides the Vancouver bus. At this point he has already decided he doesn't like Vancouver. There were so many Asians.Kenda tours us around her school and shows us the project that she is currently working on. She's taking fashion design.
Inside the supply room overlooking the streetBus wires
Inside of a bra shop. YIKES!!!!
Yummy onion rings
Yummy drink Yummy burger


Dr. Who said...

Between your boyfriend always being shot eating a hamburger and your obsession with such unhealthy foods, you two are going to be the parents of some pretty heafy clogged arteries.

asiangarden said...

ok....kind of a mean comment there, what an a-hole...
Anyway, Kind of funny that S doesn't like Vancuver because of all the I guess he is turning white.
I love the cool pictures in the blog below.
Are you and S planning on moving back to CA when you get married?

Diana said...

Ew. Dr. Who... what's your problem? They were on vacation in winter to a country that makes way more delicious, unhealthy food than where they come from.

That's a pretty stupid, nasty thing to say.

Marie said...

Alrighty then Dr.Who....

Anyways, love the pictures Jen, must post more!

Dr. Who said...

OK, OK, OK, so my comment came off as mean but tell me you haven't noticed her drastic wieght gain over the past couple of months. I smell trouble and disappointment with picking out a wedding dress.

Amanda said...

She's having a traditional Korean wedding! She's wearing a hanbok! She could be pregnant with twins under a hanbok and nobody would know.

As another bride--not all of us are obsessed with losing weight before the Big Day. I sense some projecting, Dr Who.

Anonymous said...

How can you tell? It's winter and she's completely covered up! It's impossible to tell whether she gained, lost or stayed the same.

Marie said...

And that comment you just made Dr. Who was less mean?!?!?! WTF is wrong with you? Perhaps a class on etiquette should be in your near future.

And I think she looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Can we say JERK? I saw Jenn the
other night and she didn't look like she'd gotten
drastically bigger. Dr. Who needs to keep his/her
mouth shut.

Dr. Who said...

She's posted quite the bikini shots where she's bigger than the gentleman she's sitting beside. Don't worry though Jennifer. Unlike Amanda, an ugly mug isn't your problem.