Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moose Jaw Spa

During my trip to Canada Sung Hyun and I got to spend the night at a friends house in Moose Jaw, complete with a few hours at the spa. It was nice. One of my favourite things I did while I was home.
Tanya made sure we came in at the second turn-off so we could take pics with the big moose. Sung Hyun was like "why are we stopping" and I said "get out! we're going to take pictures of the moose" He pretty much thought I was crazy.
After the moose episode we took a tour of the tunnels and learned about the Chinese Passage to Fortune -- when they came to Canada so full of hope but ended up having to work in harsh conditions building the Canadian railway. Tough life they had!!

I was impressed that Sung Hyun did this.
Time to get out when your hands get all wrinkly My little porker eats every couple of hours

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