Friday, January 09, 2009

Korean Kooking ;)

Sung Hyun has been missing out on the Korean food since his stay in Canada. We found a little Korean mart that sold some goodies. He was happy to eat some spicy Dukboki

My dad, not so pleased. After a bite of this spicy dish he figured that if he was ever going to coming to Korea for my wedding that he was going to have to pack his own food!!!


Annie-Me said...

haha of course and everyone gets to share from that one little plate of food that sung hyun prepared right?

Looks like your gunna have to learn how to prepare a few more Korean dishes for Sung Hyun before ya'll move to Canada.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR better yet, take a couples cooking class together!!!! He's not going to be taking anymore English classes when you come back right? It'll be great hun....all that free time to take couples cooking classes together ???? wouldn't it be loverly?

asiangarden said...

Oh come on! LOL My parents are the same way though, so scared of new food! I fond if I don't like something after I give it a few tries I really like durian for

Amanda said...

SH's quitting English classes?

Anonymous said...

How are things in Canada? We want an update!!