Friday, January 09, 2009

Friends Annual Christmas Dinner

I don't know how long this has been going on for but I hope it continues for years to come. Every year Tanya our event planner friend sets up a time for all us high school buddies to come together over dinner and drinks. This year EVERYONE MADE IT. Sung Hyun and I from Korea, Mark and Kim from England. And other numerous friends scattered around Canada. It was a great night!!!!

The gang

Hello Super Model!!!!!!!!

Myself and Nicole

Evan and Ben

Mark and Kim, the cutie couple

hmmmmm should I be worried?

Val and Crystal

Tracy and Jen

Tanya and Steve
Sung Hyun and I
After dinner we decided to continue the party in the bowling alley.

Kent and Val (whom have been married for a year and a half)

Fun Friends!!!


Sung Hyun bowls 5-pin for his first time and scores 200


Tuyet said...

Hey I recognize Val - I went to university with her!

Tanya said...

ahh the bowling frame doesnt show that the last round of that I got three strikes in a row!