Sunday, January 11, 2009

Engagement Party

My engagement party was a BLAST.
Sorry for the blogging break!!! I know I'm really inconsistent with posts but hey I'm on vacation and cuddling up under a warm blanket while watching an episode of Oprah is far more appealing than blogging, which to me is like work. Okay, I digress.......on with the party!!!

Ahhhh what a cute picture. But seriously isn't it sweet with the candy cane tree in the background, almost as good as Walmart portrait studio photos....keke

Let me tell you about the spread. Well I went far over my budget and of course exceeded any expectations anyone had for this party. It was sweet!!!!

Thanks to my aunt for a big hand in the kitchen. There was so much prep so I'm thankful that she was able to help out

Check out the Betty Crocker punch complete with lemon wedges and cherries frozen into the ice

This was no ordinary party because my good friends Tanya and Nicole planned a whole whack of games. One of them being that we had to search for hidden articles of each others clothing and get dressed in them in the order we found them.

Yes that's Sung Hyun's shirt

The complete ensemble

Pretty sure he looks too good in this
Then I planned a game with beads and who ever collected the most got a prize at the end of the night. You had to catch someone crossing a part of their body and then you got to steal their beaded necklace. But I had 36 prizes in total so everyone got to choose a prize on their way out.

Next Tanya demonstrates the toilet paper game with her boyfriend Steve. They were so good at this game which is actually a lot harder than it looks.

Sung Hyun's not too sure about it. Either he really enjoys it or it's too painful. Priceless expression #1

The hardest part was trying to get it in the bowl


Team 2 ready to go

Then we added a twist. Go from behind. Sung Hyun was game.......haha......NOT!!!

Game # 3 involved a pile of flour and a ring, plus a knife. Everyone had to cut away a piece of flour until the ring sank and then you had to fish for it with your mouth. According to Tanya it's just like Jenga!!!!!

Sung Hyun cuts with precision
Tanya losses first

And eventually I lose and have to kiss Sung Hyun
Priceless expression #2

That's better

Then we have a little rest before someone suggests a little game of flip cup. Man that's a fun game

Looks like we won this round, but not the next because for punishment we had to pop a balloon with a partner............. this

Priceless expression #3

Then we opened our gifts and learned how to use chopsticks

The last of the group at the end of the night!!!
I hope everyone enjoyed the night as much as I did!!!!


Annie-Me said...

that's amazing Jen. It sounds like ya'll had a really great time. I'm sad that I had to miss it. Though I'm sure I'll be able to plan something decent in Korea!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, those pictures are too funny!! The games look like lots of fun! Glad you had such a nice engagement party!!
Cindy (Samuel, madalyn Rachel)

Wandering Ju said...

Looks like you had the best time ever!

gwtreece said...

Glad you had a wonderful engagement party. Those pictures are too funny.

asiangarden said...

Wait, I had no idea you were engaged...when did that happen?Did I mjiss that post? Anyway, it looks like a blast!!! Congrats!!

asiangarden said...

wait how do you know Cindy? Wow this is a smalll world. lol

Shelley said...

OMG!! Priceless expression # 3 was the best. Too funny.
It seems that you and Sung Hyun are having a terrific time at home. When do you get back to korea?