Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Country side

I took Sung Hyun to visit my dad's home town and we got to spend the night at my aunts house in small town Arcola Saskatchewan.This used to be my grandma's house before she moved into an apartment and then later died. It's neat to go back and see things from the past as they tend to bring up a myriad of emotions
Our plan for the day was to do a little bit of this
And this
And this
The weather was nice enough for us to enjoy the outdoors for a few hours
Sipping on some hot chocolateThen it started to get miserable so the fun had to end
But it wasn't long before the sun came out again
After dinner we headed to the local rink to support the hockey game which was far more entertaining than the Pat's game we watched the night before. Sung Hyun was the only Asian; I think he felt special.
What a wonderful time we both had with my family. We drove back the next morning and on the way home I got myself a little one of these
$135 speeding ticket


Annie-Me said...

hahaha its not at all like Korea huh where the police don't stop you and the speeding lights warn you like 3 times before the camera!

Hali said...

How did you get a speeding ticket on Highway 13 or 33? I rarely see police on the millions of times I've driven them!!! I was teaching in Redvers, about 40 minutes from Arcola... is that who they were playing in the hockey game?

Why am I here??? said...

Hey Hali,

Yes crazy that I got a ticket, hey? I was stopped by the RCMP and they were driving in the opposite direction. Ughhh.

Arcola/Kisbey Combines playing the Carlyle something rather (I think).hehe!!!