Thursday, January 29, 2009

Brother's house

My 21 year old brother bought a house. Since graduating from college with an accounting certificate he has scored himself a sweet job with the government. He's a tax auditor (so watch out....hehe). And loves every minute of it. They are even paying for him to take online courses to
get his CMA (Certified Management Accounting?) or something rather.
Most of his clients are like "okay kid, go home" as if he was following his dad around on 'take your kid to work day'. He's doing so well with his files that his boss told him to slow down. He is even responsible for training the new employees. He's a smarty pants. And I'm a proud sis.
Okay enough bragging........
Anyways here he is explaining to me how to bottle beer -- a new hobby of his.

Sung Hyun wasn't interested so he decided to try out all the Nintendo games.

And I was more interested in all the snow


alessandrastarr said...

That is a lot of snow!

asiangarden said...

Love nintendo! lol
How lucky is your brother? 21 and owns his own home and here I am almost 30 with nothing!