Friday, January 02, 2009

Boxing Day Shopping

Bright and early the next morning we got up to fight the crowds and get in on the deals. Boxing day shopping is another family tradition. Even though I had no intention of buying anything I certainly wasn't about to forfeit this day. I was ready to push and shove and hit the sales rack. Only thing was there crowds were nothing compared to what we are used to in Korea. And secondly there was no pushing and shoving. I guess living in Korea has gotten me used to the massive amounts of people leaving their carts in the aisle, bumping into you and not apologizing and complete disregard for lack of manners.

But one thing that Canada does have is one nasty winter

Look at all the open space
McDonalds meal (set) size cup........oh sooo big!!
Open road

Eating again!!!!

Boston Pizza for lunch

Some shopping at Superstore, where Sung Hyun was ecstatic to find Shin Ramyun!!!
Checking out the fresh produce
Another busy day!!!

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LOL, I think ramen noodle is