Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vancouver Part 2

Then next (and last) day in Vancouver was just as fun as the first. We started with a little visit through China town.These dried fish reminded me of street vendors in Korea Not sure what this game is called but I suspect that it's what asiangardens hubby plays. Am I right?
Sung Hyun gets hungry again and decides it's time for some Korea food since he hasn't eaten it in nearly a month. This was a reasonably priced meal for $6. In Korea you could buy it for $3.50
A nifty looking Safeway in downtown Vancouver
A little walk through Stanley Park and it's not long until we find the aquarium
And we kept going until we found the totem poles
Cafe Crepe
Kenda enjoys her Robson Street treat
Display in the window
Candy apples that look too good to eat
Never expected to find an ice cream vending machine in the movie theater
Our last Canadian snack shared by all
A quick trip to the store to pick up some last minute Canadian goodies before heading to Korea
A happy Sung Hyun!!!!!

Vancouver Day 1

It was hard to leave home this time. This was the first time that I cried since my many trips back and forth to Korea. This time was different because I felt like I had everything I needed in Canada, there was nothing to go back to Korea for. On the way back to Seoul we spent two days with my friend Kenda checking out her side of the world.

Sung Hyun rides the Vancouver bus. At this point he has already decided he doesn't like Vancouver. There were so many Asians.Kenda tours us around her school and shows us the project that she is currently working on. She's taking fashion design.
Inside the supply room overlooking the streetBus wires
Inside of a bra shop. YIKES!!!!
Yummy onion rings
Yummy drink Yummy burger


Local fire in Moose Jaw makes for some pretty cool icicles
Isn't this a lovely house?!!!

Moose Jaw Spa

During my trip to Canada Sung Hyun and I got to spend the night at a friends house in Moose Jaw, complete with a few hours at the spa. It was nice. One of my favourite things I did while I was home.
Tanya made sure we came in at the second turn-off so we could take pics with the big moose. Sung Hyun was like "why are we stopping" and I said "get out! we're going to take pictures of the moose" He pretty much thought I was crazy.
After the moose episode we took a tour of the tunnels and learned about the Chinese Passage to Fortune -- when they came to Canada so full of hope but ended up having to work in harsh conditions building the Canadian railway. Tough life they had!!

I was impressed that Sung Hyun did this.
Time to get out when your hands get all wrinkly My little porker eats every couple of hours

Brother's house

My 21 year old brother bought a house. Since graduating from college with an accounting certificate he has scored himself a sweet job with the government. He's a tax auditor (so watch out....hehe). And loves every minute of it. They are even paying for him to take online courses to
get his CMA (Certified Management Accounting?) or something rather.
Most of his clients are like "okay kid, go home" as if he was following his dad around on 'take your kid to work day'. He's doing so well with his files that his boss told him to slow down. He is even responsible for training the new employees. He's a smarty pants. And I'm a proud sis.
Okay enough bragging........
Anyways here he is explaining to me how to bottle beer -- a new hobby of his.

Sung Hyun wasn't interested so he decided to try out all the Nintendo games.

And I was more interested in all the snow

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Country side

I took Sung Hyun to visit my dad's home town and we got to spend the night at my aunts house in small town Arcola Saskatchewan.This used to be my grandma's house before she moved into an apartment and then later died. It's neat to go back and see things from the past as they tend to bring up a myriad of emotions
Our plan for the day was to do a little bit of this
And this
And this
The weather was nice enough for us to enjoy the outdoors for a few hours
Sipping on some hot chocolateThen it started to get miserable so the fun had to end
But it wasn't long before the sun came out again
After dinner we headed to the local rink to support the hockey game which was far more entertaining than the Pat's game we watched the night before. Sung Hyun was the only Asian; I think he felt special.
What a wonderful time we both had with my family. We drove back the next morning and on the way home I got myself a little one of these
$135 speeding ticket