Tuesday, December 02, 2008


This might be a possibility. Except we would be shilling out mad cash for the food and alcohol at the buffet. I don't even want to think about numbers, so let's enjoy the pictures.
It was by far the best looking location. I'm certain my parents would be impressed.
........BUT this is what I want to avoid. People coming and going and talking during the ceremony.
This man leads the ceremony in Korea. Ideally I would like an English translator. Any suggestions? HELP PLEASE!!!!
The background music for the 20 minute ceremony was nice (but expensive -- $600)
The man in the bright blue robe (my brother) would lead the husband (Sung Hyun) to the house.

The husband whom is wearing the maroon coloured robe bows to the brides mother (my mother) and then presents her with a wooden goose. My mother would come out from behind the partition accept the goose then bring me out.
I would walk out hiding my face with this big white cloth.

Ha ha you can't see my faceThen I would bow to my future husband while still holding the cloth over my face. Sung Hyun's sisters would be on either side of me helping me bow.
Then I would drink some alcohol

And then we would bow to everyone once it's all finished
THE END!!!!! p.s. doesn't he look so impressed?


Anonymous said...

Korean wedding! Lots of fun! Hi You dont know me, I am Cindy!! I saw your comment on Rhi's blog about her new baby! Anyhooo, I am a Canadian, Married to a Korean and we now live in Canada!! (Hamilton, on to be more percise! LOL!) We have 3 kiddos together. I just wanted to say it was interesting seeing another Canadian lady begining her relationship with a Korean!! Hehe! I must sound weird! There sure are lots of cultural differences i had to face even now. I have been with my husband for 8 years now! I also taught English in Korea for a few years which was very enjoyable! If you get a chance, check out my hp... www.cyworld.com/sinyidonghyun
Nice to met you (Kinda!)

Why am I here??? said...

oh Cindy how wonderful!!!! What a beautiful family you have. Your 3 children are gorgeous. I would love to talk with you more. Since I can't really comment on your cyworld why don't you send me a quick email to burtonite@hotmail.com. (when you've got a moment)

And nice to meet you too ..... hehe


db said...

Really, don't freak out about the cash situation: your man has told you that when you go to a Korean wedding you bring the big bucks? You'll at least make up the costs, surely. My friend Choong Soo got married and they only had 200 guests and they had it at a severely expensive place. They made ridiculous cash, girlie. They were able to pay for the wedding from that and still have PLENTY to start their lives with.
Anyway, hey, that's what I'm counting on! Just invite enough people! Hehe.

Annie-Me said...

hehe so everyone is gunna dress up? That would be something to see.......I really wish I wasn't going home before your wedding......sigh....I wish I could be there.......but I will be there for your Canadian wedding that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

I guess you could put up a sign saying "Please keep quiet during the ceremony, and turn off your bloody mobile phones!" in Korean in the front so that everybody can see it during the ceremony and let one or two men at the entrance to control the crowd move in and out of the venue during the ceremony, perhaps with an apporpriate sign, and let the late arrivals sit at the last row.

Anonymous said...

That wedding place looks amazing! I'm a Canadian woman married to a Korean man too; we currently live in Seoul.
Are you thinking of doing a Canadian wedding too? For now we've just done the paper work stuff (ie eloped haha) and are waiting till 2010 to do at least one of the ceremonies.... not sure where yet.
Nice to find your blog!