Monday, December 08, 2008

'Tis the Season!!!

Sunday night we got snow. And it was wonderful. Sung Hyun didn't enjoy it, but you can't tell from the photo below

Then I showed him all the wonderful things you could do with snow. Like make snow angles in parking lots.......hehe. Then we had a mini snow fight and I tackled him and completed it off with a face wash. I told him there would be more of that when we get to Canada.

Then we went home and finally finished the decorating........although he had a completely different idea of what to do with the stockings
Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Shelley said...

Your apartment looks amazing!!! I'm so jealous!
Merry Christmas to you too!!!

ambearo said...

The picture of Sung Hyun wearing the stockings is totally cracking me up. Especially since it appears (from the picture) that he isn't wearing any pants. Bwhahaha!

Anonymous said...

You have a very cute place there!! Great job decorating! My apartment when I was there was tiny and jammed!!

Anonymous said...

Your decorations are great!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Christmas decorating.
You have more lights in your small apartment than in my entire house !!

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Silly Tundra Bunny... making snow angels in the parking lot... hehehe... I love it! Keep that snow in Seoul though!!!

Kuri said...

such a cute setup with the lights. i'm planning on getting some tomorrow. i'll post pics when i finish putting mine up too=^^=