Monday, December 01, 2008

Super Saturday

Saturday was awesome!!! It started off with an afternoon coffee with my new friend Krista (whom will be leaving Korea shortly, boo hoo!!!!).

And of course since Christmas is my favorite season off all time, singing santas always make me happy.

Later in the evening Sung Hyun and I headed off for a dinner date at VIPS. It's a happy place for us so instead of boring you with details I'll just say that it holds a lot of meaning; it's one of our special spots. Of course the 40 minute wait to get in meant we had time to jet over to the big department store -- which was oozing with richness. All they were missing were some Christmas carols!!!
Sung Hyun's not looking too happy here
But give him some food and he's good to go!!!
Eating.......must concentrate!!!!
What a wonderful way to spend the night!

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