Monday, December 22, 2008

Sometimes I forget......

.......that I do make a difference!!!

A girl named Katie, one of my students, gave me this Christmas card on the last day of school. It made me cry ;)

It reads: Merry Christmas Jennifer. This year 2008 with Jennifer was a best year at my life.

I'm so sorry about we spoke a lot, we make you upset. And thank you for teach us and make us happy and interesting.

I really like you and I won't forget you from my memory.

I'll send you a e-mail when I arrive in Canada at January.

Have a nice Christmas with Sung Hyun or SG Wannabe or Mr. Yoon (haha this is our inside joke)

I want to be your special student, but I think every students in Uchon would be your special students (or not..)

I wanted to see Sung Hyun But it's too late.

You would be a best teacher in the world and Jennifer and Sung Hyun would be a best couple in the world. I'll miss you. Bye bye!

2008 winter befor winter vacation -- your student, Katie


What a sweetheart!!! The perfect way to end the last day of school -- on a high note ;)

THANKS KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That is a very sweet card! I still have piles of my cards my kids made me!! Are you not going back to teaching when you return to Korea?