Monday, December 01, 2008

Shitti(est) Sunday (ever!)

Wedding shopping sucks!!!!!!!
It's more stressful that I ever imagined!!


Shelley said...

Maybe you mentioned it but have you guys set a date??
Wedding shopping is hard and even harder when your family isn't there to help.
It will be all worth it in the end, right? :)

db said...

I'm getting married in February and I haven't done ONE thing, besides buy my dress after shopping at home for 4 hours. That's IT. When is your date? I would love to do wedding crap with you! I'm not stressed at all about my wedding because Kenny's mom is taking care of it and we're in control of most of the ceremony. Let's get together and have "Hi, I'm marrying a Korean" wedding talk!

tanya said...

jen u need a wedding planner girl!! they are there for those girls who are stressed about planning!! I can be ur canadian one ha but u definitely need to find a korean one!!!

Amanda said...

You've got a lot more patience than I do, Jen! If we were having two weddings in two countries, I'd let his family worry about the Korean one, and I'd just deal with the American one! Good luck!