Saturday, December 06, 2008

Seoul Tower

(Isn't it wonderful?)

After work on Friday I decided to check out Seoul Tower by night. It was so beautiful since the sky was clear, so the lights freckled the city. It was like one big Christmas display.

You can get there by taking the subway to 충무로(Chungmuro) exit 4 and walk until you see the bus stop (it's almost in front of Paris Baguette). Then wait for the yellow bus (03). It's the only yellow bus that stops there. Take the ride to the top of the hill and the bus will stop and let everyone out. You'll know when to get off when you get there.

Then walk up the hill to Seoul Tower and take the elevator to the top (370 meters tall). But don't forget to buy your tickets ($7 for adults and $3 for children).

Of course pictures don't do it justice. I was actually way brighter and was definitely amazing to see. Go check it out for yourself!!!

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