Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seoul Lights, Friday Nights!!

Friday was the perfect end to one busy week. From class observations from the parents, correcting 200+ final exams, filling out report cards, attending meetings to teaching it's been one stressful week at work. It's no wonder I feel exhausted by Friday.

But I decided to make the best of it by treating myself to a night of ice skating at City Hall. The bright lights and tall buildings made me feel safe. Korea is my home ;)

Since it was opening night at the outdoor rink, tickets were sold out for 2 hours. Skating is done in sessions in Korea and even then there are way too many people crammed on the ice. So I stuck around to watch some performers and then went to chill out in a coffee shop.

And I just had to hug this massive snowman promoting Baskin Robbins 31
Then I met up with Sung Hyun after his English class and headed out for some more fun. Seoul never sleeps!!!!! And I'm so in love with it's bright midnight lights. It's like one big Christmas display all year round....hehe
He's got a really great group of classmates. I've met them 4 or 5 times now and we always have an enjoyable time. Tonight was no exception!!
This light display is in front of Sung Hyun's English school. WONDERFUL


Anonymous said...

I actually did that fan dance for an asembly at high school

Shelley said...

So beautiful!! If I ever go back to Korea, there's no doubt, I'd want to live in Seoul.

Shells Bells said...

Oh I miss Seoul at Christmas! So many beautiful lights and it's not jealous.