Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday Movie Night

I love this movie! National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Have you seen it? We watch it every year as a family around Christmas time. I bought it last year in Canada so that I could do exactly that in Korea.

You Jeong and Shane were the only two to make it to my movie night. That's what happens when you give only a days notice. Damn procrastination!!!!!


Tanya said...

Yes I love that movie too. I use to watch it with my grandma every year. A lady almost had a griswold incident this year. She had/has a squirrel living in her house.

See u soon jenbear!

Kuri said...

heather and i will totally be there on saturday hun. i meant to send you a text or call today but forgot=^^=

Annie-Me said...

looks like it was fun anyway.....sorry I couldn't get off my lazy cheap ass to make it to seoul for the extravaganza....I will be there for sure the next time......in Canada kkk