Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cooking Korean

I was a cook with the Naval Reserve for 5 years. I love cooking for people, but find it hard to stay motivated to cook for one (or two). And living in Korea where you can't find all the ingredients to your favorites deters me even more. Not to mention how cheap it is to eat out here.

I'm going home for Christmas and I'm throwing an engagement party so I thought it would be neat to serve some Korean dishes (or one). After all I'm a cook, whose been in Korea for over 3 years, complete with a Korean fiance, yet I haven't attempted to cook a single Korean dish.

Well now I can say I've tried. On the weekend I made 잡채 [a noodle and vegetable and meat (optional) dish] with my bosses wife. It was fun. And tasty!!!

Yummy!!! Coming to Canada soon ;)


Anonymous said...

I make that dish quite often! My kids love it!! Another easy one if bokumbap!

Beloved said...

Actually, I don't find it so strange that you haven't cooked Korean food in Korea. It's everywhere! Why go to the trouble of making it? I never bothered, but then when we moved back to the U.S. I had to figure it out. I feel like I cook the same few Korean foods again and again though, because there's not much available. My guy seems content to eat whatever I cook, but I mostly end up cooking something different (and non-Korean) for myself. It's a pain, but I need the variety.
Your chapchae looks awesome, btw.

Chels said...

Hey Jen,

I cook Korean almost every day. If you want any recipes for karbi or bulgogi or anything else let me know.