Monday, December 29, 2008

A Canadian Christmas!!!

We rushed up the stairs to check out our stockings and open our goodies that Santa left behind

Sung Hyun got a pack of beef jerky and left some dried octopus and fish in my parents stockings. He said it must have been the Korean Santa that left those behind ;)

Santa left us a pair of Christmas socks that we had to wear all day

My brother opened his envelope and I'm sure it was money, hence the big kiss

Sung Hyun loves his new Roots Canada sweater -- and so do I!!!
Hat and gloves and mittens, we all needed this



Corner Gas poster signed by all the cast members

Treats for Maddy, my brothers cat

The fam

Our goodies this year

Then after after presents we had some french toast and bacon for breaky

I snapped this picture when Sung Hyun was having a nap. Looks like he's praying to get out of the cold

Every year it's tradition for my best friend Kenda to come over for Christmas dinner. I'm so happy to see her at this time every year

The table setting
The butchered turkey. I missed the opportunity to take a nice picture once it first came out of the oven

My uncle and auntie pulling the cracker

My dad sporting his pink hat and pink lego shirt Sung Hyun bought him for Christmas. My dad said something like this when he was unwrapped the present "ohhhh it's pink" to which Sung Hyun replied "what's the problem Tim"

Eating with our hats on

Yummy dinner

and dessert

The gang

Awwww must be love!!!

Christmas rocked!!!


Anonymous said...

Loved checking out all your pictures! Glad you guys all had such a fun Christmas! bet it was an experience for Sung Hyun!

Shelley said...

What an awesome Christmas Jen. Looks like Sun Hyung has been a part of the family forever.
I do have to say I'm so jealous of the meal you had. I miss turkey and pumpkin pie too much!
I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!!

Why am I here??? said...

awww thanks girls ;)