Monday, November 24, 2008

Wedding Work

To be honest I never dreamed of my fairy-tale white wedding. I just never pictured myself in a flowing white dress walking down the aisle to my prince charming.

And to be even more honest I'm certainly not looking forward to a wedding. Especially two, because that's how many we will be having*. I have had lots of people hassling me with dates (well not hassling, just asking) and asking me to document stuff online, on this blog. Well I haven't said anything or done anything because I haven't started looking. I don't want to start looking.

But on Sunday (yesterday) Sung Hyun and I went out to the Yongsan War Memorial to check out a wedding venue (yah I know, get married at a war museum, jazzy). But I'm pretty certain that I'm NOT interested in a cheesy wedding hall style wham-bham-thank-you-maam wedding. For those of you unfamiliar with this, let me explain:

Well it's in a WEDDING HALL building -- a building specifically for weddings. You are allowed 30 minutes or so in the hall before the next wedding starts (can we say Vegas?). The next bride is basically waiting for her turn as you walk out. After you walk down the aisle in the rented wedding dress with the make-up and hair package (and yes MEN get make-up too) you cut a fake cake while bubbles and fake smoke starts blowing and your friends start popping their crackers, then you do a champagne love shot and go to the buffet table. While you are exchanging your vows however, okay no vows are exchanged you just stare at some man who is giving his 15 minute speech about love (well actually I have no clue what he talks about), the audience chats away to the person next to them, or decides to have a phone conversation DURING THE MIDDLE OF YOUR CEREMONY. Furthermore, people get up and come in and out of the wedding hall like it's some kind of come and go tea. I've seen Koreans be more respectful during movies.

In case you think I'm kidding about the disrespect thing, why don't you watch this:

Did you see that? Okay play it again!!!! Yah the ajumma (old lady) elbows the bride and drags her veil into the seats WHILE SHE IS WALKING DOWN THE AISLE. Wonderful!
Okay back to the wedding halls. If you manage to make it to the service, (because it's not required that you go, in fact some guests head straight up to the buffet), next you turn in your money (because guests have to pay to attend the wedding or you don't get your food ticket) and head to the buffet. Now since they are pumping through a new wedding party every 30 minutes, the buffet area usually has 3 wedding parties eating from the same buffet table sitting in the same room. Yes 400+ people pushing to get their food first.

And then after you eat you go home and it's done. No speeches, no dance, no kiss!! Boohoo

So I'm pretty certain we've ruled out that idea** The other option we have decided on is a traditional Korean wedding. I have no clue what that entails, but I think it will be pretty interesting to get dressed up in bright colours and get carried in in one of these funky carts:
Which I think will be pretty unique!!!
So after we went to the war museum, which I thought was expensive (but what do I know) then we headed to another outdoor wedding venue, which was even more expensive (see I don't know). Not so successful. But one thing that I did discover at the second stop was an option for studio pictures. And then when I looked through the book I fell in love with what I saw. Granted I know nothing about photography (well I know more than my mom) but who cares about the technicalities behind it. One thing I do know is that I loved what I saw. So I have decided that if I'm dressing up as a pregnant mushroom (right Amanda) for the ceremony, then we will be going to studiokhan to get our photos taken.
I picked out my top (12) pictures for you to see: They are classy, cute and cool!!! (and look at those models, yum)

Looks like he got caught doing something naughty in the bushes.

So after navigating through the website for an hour or so while listening to the background music I thought YAH I CAN DO THIS. And then I smiled and started to feel excited to plan for MY wedding. So if you've made it thus far then ignore the rant above. And bring on the wedding planning!!!!!!!
* One in Korea for Sung Hyun's extremely large family and one a year or so after we get back to Canada
** Read: there is no way I'm getting married in a wedding hall.


Shelley said...

I've been to a few Korean weddings when I lived there. I have to agree with you for not wanting that type of wedding.
Way to go for both of you to be doing this on your terms!!
Believe me, intercultural marriage is no walk in the park. My bf and I discuss what our wedding might be like (although we're not engaged), and he is Muslim, which could mean the men and women being segregated. Yikes. Even the bride and groom are segregated. My family would be shocked and I know my mother would not want to be apart from my father at my wedding!!

So ya, having a plan B and C, is a good idea. I have no problem having 2 weddings either. Compromise is important. And from the sounds of it, you both are on the same page!! Awesome.

Annie-Me said...

Does that cute guy deliver the photos cause I'd be there to pick them!

Amanda said...

Remember when you went hanbok shopping with us? I found their business card last night. I'm email you the info. YAY for pregnant mushrooms!

Might want to check on ESLCafe for the traditional wedding venues. I know some of the palaces do them and apparently they're not that expensive. And live ducks! Dude! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Some of the pics are really cute! But what is up with the car? I don't get that one.

I would love to work on a dress for you, if you would like it. Let me know.


Anonymous said...

Does Sung Hyun have any connections/relatives in the Navy? I was able to get married in the Navy wedding hall in Seoul. Truthfully, I don't know how much less expensive it was but I do know it was more affordable than a standard wedding hall. Also, the package concept is nice. I also had 2 weddings and the US wedding was SOOOO much more stressful b/c I had to plan each aspect. I basically just showed up for the Korean wedding. And the Korean photos/video are GORGEOUS!!

Oh-and I purchased a dress for the US ceremony and also wore it for the Korean ceremony. Waaaay better IMHO than a rented dress.

In the end, it was all worth it. My ILs really appreciated the Korean wedding. Even though it seemed wonky to me, it was *normal* to them and they were so happy to invite 500 of their nearest and dearest friends and family.

Oh, and I didn't understand a word of what was being said at the ceremony and NO ONE told me I'd have to say anything. So, in front of 500 people, the officiant came to a stop and looked expectantly at me. I took a wild guess and said, "Neh" and he continued on. Then DH did the same. Good guess, eh? Eeks!

Andy said...

I had some Korean friends who got married in January this year, and they got some studio photos done, and they turned out great. They used them on the invite and other stationery.

They had their wedding ceremony in a wedding hall. It felt very not personal, which was a bit disappointing... but all the food at the Buffet - damn, it was tasty :p

MelStrand said...

Hi Jen, When I lived in Jecheon I went to a Wedding Hall wedding and I hated it. I am so glad that you are not planning on doing that!

Mushelbyman said...

hey, i caught your comment. Can you email me @ You said something about earning money but to email you about it. Thanks,

Lindsay said...

Those pictures are soooo awesome. I love them, so unique and different then what I have ever seen before. I can understand you not wanting the wedding hall, i can't wait to see how your going to work this all out. Have fun!

Kuri said...

Oh weddings. I helped a friend start to plan hers and then I ran the hell away, lol. Sunday was great. I made cornbread, fried pork, fried spam, pasta salad, fruit salad...-sigh-...I missed my mom's food so I had to make some of my own. Some of my coworkers came and then Joy came up and ate too. No worries hopefully you can make it next time=^^=

Sandra said...

I have no advise for the Korean wedding, but for my American wedding I wore white Korean shoes under my dress. No one saw them, but I knew they were there. :D

Why am I here??? said...

Hello everyone, thanks for the comments ;)

Shelly, yah definately no wedding halls.

Annie, did you melt a little when you saw those photos of him?

Amanda, yes I always forget about Daves. I should really get on that site more often. Thanks preggo mush....

Kenda, I really loved the car ones.... I want to go wedding dress shopping. That's the one thing I am looking forward to in Canada. However if I find something simple and you think you could tackle it, I'll let you know.

Hello Anony. Yah I'm okay with the Korean wedding. I mean I am marrying a Korean and want to respect the way he does things. That's probably why we are aiming for the more traditional wedding. It will be pretty funky I think. He doesn't have a close connection with anyone in the Navy -- except me, I was in the Canadian Naval reserve for 6 years...hehe. But I don't think that counts!!!

Andy, That might be a good idea to use them on the invites...thanks

Yes Mel, no wedding halls allowed!!

Lindsay, yes I'll make sure to keep everyone informed on the wedding status......ahhh so much to do.

Kuri, wanna cook for my wedding? hehe

Sandra, I like how you wore Korean shoes. That's great!!!