Saturday, November 15, 2008


On Monday night I decided that I needed a night to myself. So Alisa and I headed to Yongsan to spend the night at the sauna. For 10000W (like 10 dollars people) I got to spend the evening soaking in bath after bath. I scrubbed my body and left feeling really clean with baby soft skin. We spent the night, which was included in the price. But unfortunately I'm not very keen on sleeping on a little mat, with a hard pillow, in a hot room with about 50 other Korean women. So next time I do it, I'll skip the sleeping part and come back to my cozy bed.

Only in Korea could you buy a loaf of fake break. It took us probably a good minute to realize that it wasn't real. It was even ripped which added to the appeal
As it gets colder, Seoul gets brighter!!! Christmas is coming

The pathway to the sauna.
I didn't even realize you could enter through this little door to one of the steam rooms
All you need is a good 10 minutes in here before you sweat out all the water you drank that entire week....hehe
Ice room. I better get used to the cold because I'm going to Canada in a month
One of the steam rooms
cool floor design
Massage chairs - $2 for 10 minutes.
I had never been to a sauna before. But I think I'll go back!!!


Sandra said...

That looks like fun. They just need the little fish to nibble your feet. :D

P.S. For some reason Blogger won't let me sign in in OpenID :\

asiangarden said...

You are always having so much fun!
No fair!!!
I agree though I think I would skip the over night!

Kuri said...

oh man i loooooove the sauna. my gym has one and it so nice to relax after a hard workout. i think i am going to cook on sunday and if you are free you are more than welcome to come out to my part of the city and join=^^=

Annie-Me said...

one of these weeks we are gunna have to go to the Sauna together. I've been to that place a few times and had NO idea there was a sweat or ice room....argh

MelStrand said...

Really??? You never went to a Sauna before? I can't believe you didn't go with Dionne, Audrey and I. We used to go alot. I miss it so much. It is actually the one thing about Korea that I miss the most! The first year that Audrey and I lived in Jecheon we used to stay at the Sauna every weekend while we were travelling around Korea. Jen, I am so happy for you about your wedding; my advice to you is do what makes you happy and makes your wedding memorable and worry about the bills later! I also wanted to say that your pictures of Seoul make me miss it so much!!!!!! Take Care, Mel