Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Halloween

Ahhhh Halloween!!!! I remember this holiday because it was the first holiday that I celebrated when I returned to Canada after my first year of teaching in Korea. And then the Halloween after that Sung Hyun dressed up in my teenager slumber party pajamas, blue flowered slippers and carried my teddy bear out to the bar. People were stopping to take pictures of him every few seconds. I remember him saying 'why everybody picture me??' which I replied 'because you're so cute' but I really meant, 'because no guy in Canada would be caught wearing your costume!!!'

This year Halloween was nothing special. I scared my students with my mask and had most of them jumping and screaming. Played some games at school and then carved myself a pumpkin. So that's how I celebrated my Halloween!!!! Oh yah I toasted up these seeds with some olive oil, a dash of cajun and a handful of seasoning salt. They were delis and didn't last more than a day
My short, fat, heavy pumpkin ;)


Kuri said...

It was so good to see you the other day! I promise to update my blog more often=^^=

Amanda said...

Nice use of camera angles there. Did you use a wide angle lens? Your head looks tiny and your hands look huge. ;)