Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Getting pointed in the right direction

This past Saturday I headed out to visit Amy, a fellow blogger. We've met in person before but it was over a year ago so it was great to see her again. I got the whirlwind tour of her life -- her boxing club, weight training gym, apartment, and her fav. coffee hang out.

Can you spot her ADIDAS?
It's what's for supper!!!
Everyone needs a little inspiration!!
Her cutie pie, MiNam!!!
MiNam looking not too happy to be sitting by me.
* * *
The main reason that I went to see Amy in Cheonan, aside from not seeing her for over a year, is so that she can help me get started on a fitness plan, which she likes to call 'The Fool Proof Plan to a Better You'. A couple months back, sometime over the summer I emailed her and asked her for some advice and inspiration. Well what started as a few suggestions to a friend snowballed into a fitness book.
* * *
We sat at the coffee shop and read through most of it. I could see her get excited when she talked about her own fitness goals. Her face lit up and I could tell this was something she was really passionate about. I was a good listener and took in all the info she had to share. As I left the bus terminal I immediately took my new stack of papers and I read her book from front to back and then re-read things that I wasn't quite familiar with. I am excited to embark on a new fitness plan, which by the way started on Monday.
* * *
And you know what I learned? That there is no easy way out, no magic pill to solve all your weight loss problems. Duh, I knew that!!!
* * *
So thanks Amy for the wealth of info that you passed along to me. I hope we can meet again sometime soon!!!
* * *
I was thinking of sharing my story and progress on my blog, even though this is a personal issue for me. So would you be interested in reading?


Shelley said...

Hey....Been reading your blog (found you through Amanda's blog). I used to work in Korea, now work in India, and am dating an Indian. So I have totally loved hearing the multi-cultural dating stories/advice.
Would love to hear your progress on your fitness goals. I too am on my own fitness program, and so any motivation I can get hearing other's success stories will sure to motivate me too.
Good luck!

Diana said...

Maybe us gals living abroad with foreign boyfriends trying to lose weight should start a joint fitness blog.

I'm only kind of joking.

Seriously, though, please do blog about it if you'd like. And best of luck to you!

Heavy Jay said...

Congratulations on embarking on a new fitness journey Jennifer!! It will be difficult to post all your rises and pitfalls on here, but it can be incredibly rewarding at the same time. getting into shape is a goal you share with just about the entire world, and so you will be surprised at how many people jump on board to help you out. If there is anything you need from me, just throw me an email. What you will find as well is that when you log your fitness results for the world to see, you become accountable to the people you love, and it serves as a reminder that you have people looking out for you, and you can do anything you put your mind to. Best of luck, and I look forward to your progress!


Annie-Me said...

If we end up living close together, I'd love to work out together Jen.....like the one or two times we went the first time we tried kkk. I think this would be different though.

Anonymous said...


i am a korean canadian/american and came across your blog after reminiscing about my visits to korea. i would love to hear about your fitness journey and loved reading about you and your beau's story. thank you.

Shells Bells said...

Do share..I have to lose all my Korean booze weight that somehow made it's way onto my body. Inspiration is good :)GOOD LUCK!

Tanya said...

jen I would love to hear your weigh loss plan. One of my affirmations is Being a healthier person, both physically and mentally so I would like to gather my insight and ideas from someone who will be trying it to.

Kimberly Ann said...

Jen! Please fitness blog. I need Healthy living inspiration. My old body is falling apart here in the UK. Sore Back - sore knees! Could it be the dampness? I don't know! But I think more exercise is the way to freedom!

Melissa said...

I agree! Do share. I might join in too. I have 5 pounds of post-baby, time-to-wean weight jiggling on my thighs (ew, gross image, sorry) that I need to get rid off.

Maybe you should start a new blog and have lots of contributers. :)