Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This guy..........

.......amazes me!!!

Recently several people have complimented Sung Hyun on his improvements with the English language. After working almost 10 hours a day Monday through Friday then again on Saturday, Sung Hyun eagerly makes his way to English academy a couple nights a week. He studies from 8pm - 10pm and usually doesn't make it home until well after 11, sometimes 12 if he decides to eat with his classmates.
* * *
He's been hard at this for the past 3 months and on the days that he didn't have English class he would study privately, for one hour once a week, with a foreigner (not me!!! let's not even go there, we've tried to study together....several times.....it doesn't work). I guess the hard work is paying off. Other people--my friends-- have noticed improvements and an increase in grammatically correct sentences. You see I could always understand Sung Hyun. I just had a way with being able to communicate with very basic English learners and know what they say or mean. A talent of mine, perhaps?!!! Often Sung Hyun would say something to me and then I would have to translate it to my friends so they could comprehend it. The first year of our relationship went like this. But even though when I first met him and he only understood a few basic English commands we found a way to make it work.
* * *
Now two years later and with only a few months of in class study under his belt he is getting the hang of this language. He perseveres, tries and tries again. He stumbles, falls and gets back up. He talks to my mom every Sunday on the phone and doesn't get embarrassed when he makes mistakes. He doesn't quit (like someone I know -- me). I'm damn proud of him.
* * *
And all I can think of is, look at what he's doing for me!!! He's doing all this for me*, so that we can make a life together. And then I sit back and smile and realize just how truly lucky I am.
* or he's got a really hot English teacher at his academy

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Tanya said...

Good for him!!! Now he can be a korean translator when he comes here! As far as your talent for understanding basic english. I think you will have no trouble finding a job as an ESL teacher here, none what so ever...even if you do it just part time if you have something else u want to pursue.