Friday, October 24, 2008


Last Saturday Sung Hyun and I met at a restaurant with some of his high school buddies to celebrate someones one year 'dating' anniversary. Of course I was the only Western girl but I had an enjoyable time. And I kept pressuring Sung Hyun to drink b/c it's been a long time (maybe last summer in Canada) since I have seen him drunk.

The only problem is that you can't really only drink a little when you are in a big social group. In Korea you never drink alone so every time you want to sip your beer or do a shot of soju you must 'cheers' to everyone in the group. And if you friend drinks so must you. So basically every time some offers a cheers EVERYONE drinks. It's the Korean way and doesn't work in Sung Hyuns favour since his alcohol tolerance is very low.
Love this pink/ purple shirt hot on him!!! Don't know these people
Because both of us were drinking and we drove Sung Hyun's car to the restaurant we had to find a way home. We hired a driver. They have this really cool service in Korea so when you need to get your car home and you can't drive you just call someone and they will come to you and drive your car home. It only cost $15 which would have been the same amount as a taxi if we had gone home in one. But this was so much better because we didn't have to go pick up the car the next morning. Sung Hyun called this driving service and less than 5 minutes someone was at our car.
It was a fun night but unfortunately Sung Hyun went over board with the soju and ended up sleeping over the toilet and all the next day in bed, oppppps my bad!!!

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